Every group needs a few but we try to keep them to a minimum. 

  •  You can cancel your booking up to midday on the Wednesday before the trip. Your ticket price can not be refunded but you can use it for another trip.
  • If you cancel after midday on the Wednesday before the trip then you may loose your money. This is simply because the money has been allocated to the coach hire.
  • Up to two non-assistance dogs are allowed on each coach but bear in mind that the coaches can be full and busy, which together with long days, may not provide a happy environment for them.
  • Those under 18 and vulnerable individuals must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must accompany them at all times.
  • You need to be prompt. On the outward journey the coaches can only wait a few minutes for late arrivals. On the return journey though we will not leave anyone behind.
  • If you want to walk by yourself then you must tell the courriers where you want to get off the coach, get back on, provide a brief summary of your route and a mobile number. The reason for this is obvious; we don't want to loose you.
  • Your walk leader has the final say on all matters. This may be about your ability to do their walk, changes to the route because of conditions or critical issues such as injury. You must respect their decision and follow it; we'll sort out if it was a correct decision or not once everyone is safe.
  • Please try and walk behind your leader. If you get ahead of them you will still be covered by our insurance providing you remain part of the walk.  Being too far in front of the walks party will put extra pressure on the leader.
  • Whilst on the coach you must remain seated with your seat-belt fastened.


  • Whilst on your led walk you are covered by the Ramblers Association Civil Liability Insurance to a maximum of £10,000,000. This protects you from others when you are negligent by,for example, leaving a gate open where animals escape, crashing into another walker and injuring them or, as a leader, just getting lost.
  • Walkers undertaking taster walks are only covered by our insurance for their first 3 walks. In order for insurance to continue you must become a member.
  • Your coach journey is covered by our coach company’s Public Liabilty insurance provided that, whilst the coach is moving, you remain seated with your seatbelt fastened. This cover is just for mistakes made by them; incidents involving a third party (e.g., a crash) would be subject to the usual rules of vehicle insurance and blame.
  • Medical and Personal Accident cover is not included.
  • Your journey to and from the coach stop, time spent at the morning stop and after your walk is not covered.

Insurance and Dogs

  • Incidences caused by dogs are NOT covered by the Ramblers insurance. Responsibility for the dogs behaviour and insurance lies with the dog owner who must ensure that their dog remains under close control. In most cases this will mean being on a lead.

Insurance and Leaders

You will always be covered by our Civil Liability Insurance provided:

  • The activity is an official Ramblers activity organised by a Group or Area committee. 
  • The walk is led or organised by a Ramblers member and/or a volunteer registered by Ramblers staff. 
  • The walk is publicised, as a Ramblers activity, in advance in at least one of: Group Walks Finder, a printed programme or the Group/Area website. 
  • The walk is brought to the attention of the Programme Coordinator, who is ideally confident in the Leaders ability to lead the walk. 
  • The walk has a nominated Leader , and ideally a backmarker, who are both members and who ideally (together, or separately) have recced the walk.

It is the Coach Secretary's job to ensure that these points are always true. To minimise problems though we need to make sure that a walk can be, and is, adapted to suit the weather and that we make an assessment of a walk’s attendees’ abilities.

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